The most northern of our vineyard sources, the region receives the warmest daytime temperatures, yet still receives the benefits of the cool marine influences in the late afternoon and evenings.

This exceptional vineyard is defined by its unique terroir, where the vines contour the gentle slopes and live in a soil of rocky, gravelly loam perfectly suited to growing Cabernet Sauvignon. The resulting fruit is remarkably dense and concentrated, producing massive wines with lush black and blue fruit character, elegant minerality, as well as magnificent structure.

Thomas works directly with the Beckstoffer Vineyards team to determine the best farming practices, yield management, and harvest schedule, ensuring that we achieve our goal of maximum ripeness and unbeatable structure. This close working relationship affords us virtual ownership of the vineyard and complete control over the grapes that we harvest.

Within each vineyard we source grapes from specific rows within the finest blocks, or the 'filet mignon' of the estate. Thomas and the Beckstoffer team work diligently to determine the optimal course of care for each vine in the block, a precision that guarantees the highest quality harvest year after year.


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