Thomas Brown

One of the most sensational talents in winemaking today, Thomas Rivers Brown was born in South Carolina but developed an interest in wine while attending the University of Virginia. Following his passions to the Napa Valley, Thomas began a career at Turley Cellars.

In 2000, Thomas — who had yet to make his first Cabernet Sauvignon — met Fred Schrader while working at a local wine shop and was quickly recruited to the Schrader team. United by a shared dream of producing "no holds barred" wines of the highest caliber, Fred's instinct to hire the passionate youth was spot on.

With fantastic natural ability and an unwavering dedication to excellence, Thomas oversees all aspects of our vineyard management and winemaking practices. We raise our glasses to T.B. for his unprecedented success, achieved in a record amount time, that defines him as a true visionary.