Red Hot

Bottling and Beyond

Ah, the perfect contrast — just as we are about to begin the harvest of 2015, we happily just finished bottling the spectacular 2013 wines.

One of the most exciting times of year, bottling marks the end of a wine’s production cycle and the beginning of its development within the bottle. After resting in barrel for 20 long months, our Schrader Cabernets have integrated the incredible flavors of the Darnajou French Oak with their lush, Cabernet profile to create the wonderfully balanced wines that we know and adore. Recently bottled, the 2013 vintage was marked by incredible weather that allowed the deeply concentrated grapes to be harvested at optimal ripeness. One of the best vintages on record, the 2013 Schrader wines led winemaker Thomas Brown to state, “these are the finest wines I have ever made.”