The little girl’s name was Abby and she was a complete doll. Sweet, affectionate, poised, and full of personality, Carol knew she had met her ‘dream’ pup and instantaneously set out to find a way to bring that dog into her life.

After talking to Abby’s people, Carol learned that the puppy’s parents, Mags and Gatsby, were about to be parents again. In record time, she was on the phone with owner Alan and a doggone doggy get together of pups and people was quickly arranged.

Carol and Fred fell in love with Mags, Gatsby, and Alan where they looked forward to the day that they would be part of this special family. On Thanksgiving Day, Carol and Fred's dream came true and Abby's little brother Rocky Schrader was born.

Friday, August 2, 2013 - 00:45