Questions You May Have

What happens to my existing Schrader order? 

Your order stays as it was originally placed and will be fulfilled in early November, weather permitting. Additionally, the wine has and will continue to be made in the same facility with no changes in the winemaking procedure to ensure that you receive the same high quality wine that you have come to know and love from Schrader Cellars. 

What happens to my position on the active list / wait list? 

Your position on the active list or waiting list will not change. The same mailing list policies that we have always had remain in place and will be happy to share these with you at any time. Offers and movement on the list will continue to be in line with what Schrader Cellars has always done. If you have any questions on these policies please do not hesitate to ask. 

What happens with Boars’ View and Aston Estate orders and login?

The Boars’ View and Aston Estate brands will now operate separately from Schrader. We have created separate login pages on each brand’s website and the customer lists have been separated based on your past purchase history. For example, if you have purchased Aston Estate and Schrader in the past but not Boars’ View you will continue to receive offers from Aston Estate and Schrader, however, you will need to login to each winery’s individual website to receive these offerings from now on. 

Aston Estate and Boars’ View will be handled by their respective customer service teams. Should you have any further questions on Boars’ View you can contact the customer service team at 707-942-1115. Any questions about Aston Estate can be directed to their customer service team at 707-967-9680. 

What will happen with release schedule? 

The release schedule will continue to occur at the same time of year as it always has. If you are a part of the December release, you should expect to receive your mailers and emails at the end of November or in early December. If you are normally a part of the January release, you should receive communications from the Schrader team at the end of December or early January.  

What about the privacy policy and what happens to my private information? 

Our Privacy Policy has remained the same since December 2016. You can access the full policy here. In accordance with our privacy policy, your information will not be shared with any other businesses outside of those we use for the fulfillment of your wine and offer brochures. Should there be any updates to the privacy policy in the future we will contact you and give you the option to opt-out of subscribing to our lists. 

Are Fred & Carol still involved? How? 

Fred and Carol will remain close to the business, sharing their knowledge, passion and insights. You will continue to see Fred at select events throughout the year, pouring and tasting, and Carol will continue to foster customer relationships, ensuring the Schrader story is shared and celebrated.   

 Is Thomas still making the wine? 

Yes! The Schrader wines will remain under the watchful eye of Thomas Brown who has maintained his position as Winemaker for Schrader Cellars. Thomas’ dedication to crafting the very best that each vintage has to offer is one of the reasons Schrader is where it is today and we are very excited to have him on board for future vintages.  

Will the sign-up process remain the same? 

Sign-ups will continue to be processed through the website and by phone. Once you sign up, you will be moved to the waiting list and moved to the active list when we have wine available for you to purchase.  

What will happen to Fred? Will he still be at events like the New York Wine Experience?  

Fred will still be involved with Schrader Cellars and will be in attendance at the events that he has been a part of in the past, especially New York Wine Experience. Currently these events have not been scheduled however you can check in with us and we will let you know once they have been made public. 

Will pricing go up?

Pricing for the 2016 Vintage will remain in line with what has been charged to the mailing list in the past.  

Will you offer winery visits?

Due to our extremely limited quantity production and the nature of our business facilities, we are not able to accommodate any requests for visitation. I hope you have a wonderful time in Napa and please feel free to reach out with any questions at all.  

Are you able to donate wines at this time?

We are currently committed to the maximum amount of events that our production allows for this year. Please keep us in mind for future events!  

What happens to Sparky cigars? 

Sparky Cigars are currently being sold through Michael Herklots at Nat Sherman as inventory remains available. There are no future plans to continue to make Sparky Cigars.  

Will the wine still be BeckstofferToKalon fruit?  (Vs Original ToKalon?) 

Our plans are to continue to make wine from the BeckstofferToKalon Vineyard. With the purchase of Schrader Cellars we strive to continue the path of excellence that was set in motion by Fred and Carol. BeckstofferToKalon has been an essential part of the Schrader portfolio of Cabernets and will continue to be for the next several vintages. What excites us about the Schrader portfolio is the potential that the Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard is showing. The past vintage received 100 points from James Suckling and the potential of the 2015 and 2016 vintages in barrel are very exciting as well! 

Where will the wines be made? 

The wines will continue to be made at the same facility where they have been made for over 15 years. With Thomas continuing to oversee the Schrader winemaking process, we are certain that the quality of Schrader will continue on its path of excellence and showcase the very best each vintage has to offer.